The Kentucky Rifle Association is a non-profit
corporation organized to establish a permanent
international organization for promotion of the
pleasure and recreation of its members
interested in the collection and preservation of
the Kentucky Rifle, Kentucky Pistol and related

KRA Bulletins

Featuring current and archived editions of the Bulletin, published 3 times a year. Read about guns, gunmakers and their history.

Moravian Gunmaking II

Hard cover book by Robert Paul Lienemann and published by The Kentucky Rifle Association:

  • Robert Lienemann and team extend their previous pioneering study focusing on the gunshops’ at Bethlehem and Christian’s Spring 1750-1790
  • Photos and decriptions of over 20 long guns and pistols, including two unpublished Oerter rifles, one in “as new” condition
  • 224 pages with high quality photos – most in color, plus sketches and critical dimensions
  • Great reference for collectors, builders, restorers, and historians