Membership Requirements

Membership in the Kentucky Rifle Association is by invitation only, but is available to any person over 18 years of age, without a criminal record, who is interested in the collection, preservation, and/or study of original Kentucky Rifles, Pistols, and Accessories.

A prospective member must be endorsed by two members of the KRA who are in good standing. To be considered for membership, a person should have the following qualifications: Be a serious collector and/or student who has the means and desire to attend meetings and who will be an asset to the Association by possessing a keen interest to learn, be willing to pass on his or her knowledge to fellow members and be willing to serve the Association.

A member should expect profit from membership to be strictly in terms of:

  • Pleasure of association
  • Increase of knowledge
  • A means of bettering their own collection

Join the KRA

In addition to the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the world’s most knowledgable collectors and students of the Kentucky Rifle, you will also receive the full color KRA bulletin. This publication includes interesting research articles and photos of rifles, horns, and other accoutrements related to the art and history of the Kentucky Rifle.